Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You woudn't think

That this cute little puppy could smell so bad.
Allen and I have been giving raw marrow bones for the dog to chew on while we are out, cause or else, she gets bored and digs holes in the back yard or rips all the clothes off the line and steps on them with her muddy paws....yeah. Mommy really likes that.
And chewing the bones proved affective to prevent these unpleasant surprises in the back yard and heaps of extra loads in the washing machine...

But later in the evening, little miss puppy farts like you would not believe. And man, oh man, it stinks like hell. Tonight, Patrick-Olivier, Valérie and myself were having a nice cosy dvd night. And right in the middle of Québec-Montréal, she ripped one. We actually had to pause the movie and walk away from the pooch that was sleeping at our feet!
Ah, we love her anyway. How could you not?

And we can breathe through our mouths.


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