Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My friend Charlie gave birth to her fist boy last wednesday night.
Her second child, after Juliette, born last year.

Now, here it is. A great birth story. Charlie was taking a bath that night when she started to have what seemed like contractions. But Williem not being scheduled to arrive until 10 days later, she thought those contractions must have been false labour, because they weren't nearly as painful as the ones she had when Juliette announced herself. So she didn't think much of it. Until the contractions didn't go away and she realized she was in labour. So Michael aka daddy, started packing the car to drive her to hospital. Charlie was right behind him- or so he thought. She was making her way down the corridor when she felt little Willy's head coming out!! Mike rushed back in and called the ambulance, but he didn't have much time to get advice on what to do from the people at the emergency department, because as soon as he came back from the linen closet with some towels to deliver the baby with (Charlie was going to have to give birth in their living room!) Williem was already on the floor. He came out in one swift push, and literally fell on the floor, to the astonishment of his mother, who thought it would at least take a few pushes to get him out...

So Michael wrapped the baby and held him until the paramedics arrived. They cut the cord and brought the parents to hospital.

So my friend Charlie had a natural birth. In her house. Without any medical help. Pretty impressive, no? And all that from a woman who was never going to have another child without the good graces of an epidural...
Way to go mom!


Blogger vanou said...

Wow! Genial, what a great story.

10:48 PM  
Blogger pappidou said...

Wha-ago, Charlie!
Welcome to our world, Williem!!

5:42 AM  

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