Friday, June 01, 2007

It's on again!

Oh yeah. One of my favorite shows, 20 to 1, is back!
You know how I love countdowns...

And here's a good one.

20 Best Aussie Movies.
Have you seen any of these?

Bottom 10:

20. Muriel’s Wedding
. A staple. I actually saw it in my Film Esthetics class in my first year at Concordia. A more voluptuous Toni Colette gave a memorable performance, and a line from this movie became famous here, and said again and again today: ‘You’re terrible, Muriel’.
You gotta see it to get it.

19. Wolf Creek.
The most recent on the list. I know lots of people who worked on it so I’ve herd lots of stories about the making of, but still, I can’t get myself to watch it. I am too paranoid a person. I will never backpack again after seeing it, I’m sure…

18. Babe.
So lots of you, I am sure, thought that was American. No! It was one of the most grossing films in Aussie history. Nominated for an Oscar and everything. The program used to make the animals talk, used so much today, was developed by home grown geeks.

17. Chopper. A frightening movie, especially if you have seen Eric Bana all gorgeous and lovable in Troy first. This flick is based on the life of notorious Aussie Serial Killer Mark ‘Chopper’ Read. And Bana is completely transformed for this one. It’s scary. Mark was nicknamed Chopper, cause he was famous for torturing people by cutting off their toes one by one. Ew.

16. Romper Stomper.
One of the first of Russel Crowe. That was the one that put him on the map. This film is about neo nazi racism in Sydney and shows a real dark side of Australian cinema. Crowe is almost unrecognizable. Super skinny and looking super scary.

15. Storm Boy.
Film about a boy that has a huge pelican as a pet.
It was shot by Geoff Burton, the DOP I shot Lucky Miles with last year. Cool.

14. Stricly Ballroom.
One of the most popular ones worldwide. Directed by our own flamboyant Baz Luhrmann. It grossed over 100 milion. One of the most successful Aussie films ever.

13. Young Einstein.
One of those super stupid comedies that critics absolutely hated, but that somehow, struck a cord with the general public. I am not sure if I actually want to see this one, it really looks bad…

12. Shine. Now, this one I have seen. It gave Geoffrey Rush his Oscar. Was also nominated for best picture. It is a great film about a very talented pianist struggling with mental illness.
You should see this one.

11. Puberty Blues.
Never herd of it before I saw it on this list. A film about the surfculture of the 70’s. What’s special about it is that it shot from the point of view of a girl.

Do you know any Aussie movies that might be in the top 10?


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