Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back from the dead...

or as we called it this week: Port Parham.
Yeah, don't look at your maps, you won't find it there. Port Parham is not even a town. There is no shops there, no petrol station, no depanneur, no cell phone reception. There is a street and a half that is not paved. There is a long beach with lots of algee on it. There is a whole lot of fish. And there are the old fashionned fisherman who fish them. These guys live in small very old cabins. They invented a thing called a Jinker, which is pretty much an elevated tractor that can pull boats out and from the ocean.

And for the last week, it was the set of a short film called After Midnight.

It was a hard shoot, very cold and physically demanding. But there was hot food and a bond fire every night waiting for us. We were a small crew, but all my favorite people were there. So it was nice.

And now, it's back to reality, or should I say, the restaurant.
I have to go to my 'real' work. The work that pays the bills these days.

I will have pictures of the cousins trip on flickr, for you guys to go and look at.
For now, I have loads of laundry waiting for me.


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