Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The unfairness of it all.

So the Oscar nominations are officially out.
As I do every year, I begin a cinema going marathon to make sure I see every significant movie of the year in time for the Academy Awards.
Usually, that includes all best picture nominations, all best cinematography nominations of course, and sometimes, when an actor(tress) is nominated for best actor but the movie in which he(she) is in isn't nominated for best picture, I see those too, if I have time.
So up to now, I have seen

Best picture:
- The Queen
- Little miss sunshine
- Babel

Best cinematography:
- The Illusionnist
- The Prestige

Other film which has best actor or actress nominated:
- The persuit of happiness
- The Devil wears Prada

So I'm not doing so bad, but I am frustrated, because some of the ones I need to see are either not here yet, cause Australia is so far, or I missed them because they were playing here while I was in Canada. So no chance to see The Departed, Letters from Iwo Jima, Notes on a Scandal, Children of Men, The Black Dahlia, etc. So I am sad. It's not nearly as fun to watch the Academy Awards if the films nominated aren't even in the cinemas where you live yet. Boohoo.


Blogger Francis au Japon said...

I have seen:
Little Miss Sunshine
The Prestige
The Departed
Pan`s Labyrinth
Children of Men
Superman Returns (Sci-Fi)

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Sophie V. Beauchemin said...

D'un autre côté dit toi que ton plus grand malheur c'est qu'il fait 35 degrés à l'ombre ici il fait -40

Que l'industrie du cinéma dans ton cion est fleurissante et n'est pas dépendante des égo du gouvernement...

2:43 AM  

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