Monday, January 22, 2007

You know something's wrong with the world when...

... the only headline featured in a flash news break is that a woman somehwere in the US found a duck still alive in her fridge two days after her husband had shot it.



Nothing about the brutal bushfires going on in New South Wales?
What about that suicide bombing in Irak?
And that Hillary Clinton is the first woman to ever run for office?
I would even have been happy with an update on the Australian Tennis Open.

But to have a duck that survives in a fridge for 2 days in the US being the only information you get during a flash news report during an add break is just absolutely ridiculous. Is this meant to be a feel good story of survival? That the poor duck battled for his life after being shot and kept in a fridge for so long? Oh, and that after all of this, the people who actually shot it decided to save him? I bet those people will be having duck for dinner next week. Might be a great story, but I don't see how it's importance has escalated to such ranks.

What is happening to the world.
I shake my head.


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