Monday, January 29, 2007

My first chair

I am a big fan of 'before and after's.
A few months ago I bought two armchairs.
They were old, I am thinking probably 60's, the fabric was hidious and the filling was desintegrating, but the overall design of both chairs were great. I decided to revamp them even though I had never done it before and had no idea how to do it. If I screwed up, it didn't really matter, cause I paid 5 bucks for each.

Now this is where my watching shows on TLC like Trading Spaces and Clean Sweep and stuff like that really paid off.

I sanded, tinted and waxed all the wood bits of the chairs.
And when I realizes that I wasn't going to be able to staple fabric onto the chair to reupholster because the interior frame was made of steel, I took my sewing machine out for the first time, and had a crack at it.
So here it is. My first completed revamped chair.
I did it for my friend Stella, so she decided on the wood color and the fabric.
She's really happy with it, and to be honest, I am pretty proud of myself, because it wasn't easy and it took a lot of work.



Can't wait to get started on the second one. That one I will keep.


Blogger vanou said...

wow, i'm really impressed!

about caro, i bumbed in to her at mail champlain, and we just called and went out... it was really cool, but we missed ya.

3:41 PM  
Blogger pappidou said...

I'd say you're good to marry, for crying out loud!!!

Hurry, start your own PDQ, hear?? daughter's hidden talents. More to discover??

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Super Gab said...

Hey très joli travail! Es-tu une Québécois expatriée parce que cela pourrait très intéressant de te rajouter à Quebecois.Eu!

Ecris-moi! ;-)

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Super Gab said...

Québécois...e! Pardon. ;-)

1:40 PM  

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