Thursday, November 02, 2006

An update

I know I have been away for long.
I have been very busy, shooting this movie called Ten Empty.
The crew is great, the days are quite full and we move around alot. We can hit up to 4 locations a day. Makes my arms become very strong to pack and unpack our truck with all our camera gear. It's all good.
I still haven't read the script though, still waiting on my copy, but it's also fun to piece the movie together while you discover it scene by scene. It's a family drama set in Adelaide. We are going out today to film at the airport. That should be fun.

I have been missing two days of shoot this week because I got struck by a sucky sucky gastro. Je déteste tellement être malade comme ça. J'aime mille fois mieux avoir la grippe et de la fièvre....etk.

Mais bon, aujourd'hui, mon estomac semble être en place, donc, je retourne au travail.

On a des tournages de nuit cette semaine, donc je commence à midi et termine à minuit.
C'est un autre défi de tout faire dans le noir...

Je vous embrasse tous très fort.
D'autres nouvelles bientôt. x x


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