Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The stangest thing.

Allen and I went up to Quorn this week end with his sister and her boyfriend to visit his mom, freshly settled in her new house.

It is beautiful and situated in a very nice part of the country. She loves it, and the dogs love it too.

Nothing of this is strange. No. It's actually very nice.

On that saturday night, however, something weird happened. We were in the middle of games night - charades, pictionary, ect- when we decided to play the card game Spoons. You know, the one with the spoons in the middle of the table and you have to grab one when you get four cards of the same number...

So Allen goes and grabs four spoons out of the new drawer, in the new kitchen of the new house. He puts them down on the table, and then it happens.
One spoon is not the same as the others.

'Oh My God!!' I say. Everybody stops talking and just looks at me.
I pick up the spoon and realize it is a spoon from my mom's dinner set.
There is no doubt about it.
A million questions start flashing in my mind.
what? hun? how?
I don't remember actually PACKING that spoon in my luggage
I wouldn't take a snack to eat on a plane that envolves a spoon
How did it get to my mother-in-law's house after that anyway?
And how come she packed it with all of her stuff to move in the country with it??

How strange. To be sitting at your inlaw's table, a million kms away from your parents house, and somehow seeing a piece of your mom's cutlery on the table.

I took it home. I'll bring the mystery missing spoon back to Canada.


Blogger Soft said...

(air de x-files qui joue)

1:37 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

There is no spoon.

12:40 AM  

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