Monday, October 10, 2005

Robin Hood

We had a long, harsh, cold day. Those shots our director thinks about, he has no idea how they are hard to execute and create. I had a run for my money today. I am absolutely exausted. I am home now, Allen left this morning for the desert.

There's nothing like watching a movie after trying to make one all day. I bought the special edition of Robin Hood: Prince of Theives last week, for like ten bucks. There's a second DVD with extras on it, and it's halarious; a young Pierce Brosnan from the eighties, with long hair and huge glasses has like little spots where he walks around an old castle talking about Robin Hood the legend and the myth and all that stuff. But the thing is, his texts are soooo bad, and he is sooooo intense, that it is just awful. I have been sitting here, almost wetting my pants. He looks that ridiculous.

At least the rest of the documentary and 'making of' is good.
But it's worth buying the DVD just for the laugh.


Blogger S said...

good to see your working again! It really feels good to have $$$ but it goes away SO fast! Anyway, have a good time watching Robin Hood, god know how many times WE watched that movie! haha!

10:27 PM  
Blogger pappidou said...

Hard earned money « it's a good thing ». Acquiring experience, priceless, so says the ads...
I guess you succeeded. At least you don't say you didn' we assume you did afterall. Isn't it rewarding?

11:29 PM  
Blogger LO said...

Just found out what a "Blog" is. So, here I am registered so I can talk to you and Stephanie, and follow in Australia. We had dinner at your "dad" last night for Thanksgiving. Your mom was working. Francine and company were all there so was Grandma.
As a newlywed, it's not fun having your husband away already.
Keep up the good work,

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pourquoi il n'y a plus personne qui parle notre langue nationale sur ces sites de Blogs?

Félicitation M-P pour avoir commencer revivre. Ça doit être vraiment soulageant. Tu auras assez de moula pour revenir côtoyer tes proches à Noel!Ça sera vraiment cool de te revoir :)

m-a xx

10:57 AM  

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