Saturday, September 24, 2005

Footy Fever

Aussies are out of control.

Today is the Grand Final of the AFL Australian Football League. The thing is, this sport is nothing like the NFL football, and even further away from what we call Soccer. It s a weird sport of kicking and running and getting a weird long-melon-looking bouncy ball between a set of 4 hugely tall poles. The field they play on is round, and there are 18 players of each team on the field at once. Hard to follow, not too exciting, and the players wear sleeveless silky tops and stripped knee high socks. They look stupid. Anyway, lots of people here love that sport. And today, it s the final of finals. And it's quite disturbing. People get over-excited.

I woke up this morning at my friend Charlie's house. We are having a big bbq today and the guys are watching the game...kinda like Superbowl Sunday. But the thing is, the final is at 3pm, and when we turned on the tv this morning, there was this thing on called the Grand Final Breakfast. Thousands of people, celebrities and political figues were all dressed up and were having breakfast in this huge convention center, and there was commentators and shows and stuff. Last night, there was a 3 and a half hour special pre-game show. 3 and a half hours!!! And it was 7am this morning and they were already at it!!! We could see people already sitting in the stands!!
Hello!!! the game starts in like 6 hours!!!!!Everybody's got tickets!! No need to come down early to get good seats!!
Man, I just don't get it. Even the americans are not so crazy on superbowl sunday. And at least, on the Superbowl, you get a good show, with a killer half time. Here, we'll have the ultimate pleasure of seeing the top 12 of Australian Idol perform. woohoo.

Anyway. I think they are just nuts.


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Culture Shock, hun?

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