Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just a few days to go...

Everything is happening so fast.

I barely have time to realize I will be a married woman in 4 days.
My God. 4 days!!!
I am so nervous and tense about getting the wedding organized and getting all the immigration stuff together. I ve been running back and forth, and worring way too much.
I ve been sick to my stomac for 2 days. A gastro brought on by stress. Thing is, I don t know what to do to calm down, I thought I was pretty good at managing everything. I didn't feel THAT stressed out....

But now, I m worried, because this gastro has to be gone by tomorrow night, the girls have organized me a nice big Batchelorette party (no, no stippers allowed.) 10 of us are going out for dinner and then hitting the town's best cocktail lounges. It will be so much fun, I just want to be feeling on top of my game to be able to apreciate it and not spend one half of the evening bent over by stomac pains and the other half in the bathroom.....

I want to drink, dance and have a blast with the girls.

And celebrate one of my last night as a single, unmarried woman.

Oh man.


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