Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well, Hello Dave!

So we picked up Dave from the fabulous Adelaide Airport yesterday afternoon. He will spend the next two very hectic weeks with us.

It's so funny to see a person from one world (Montréal) enter your other world (Adelaide). I can't wait for my parents to be here. It's going to be deliciously weird.

Last night, me and the boys went to a nice little place called the Royal Oak. A restaurant slash pub where there was a great jazz band playing all night long. There was people dancing swing, and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun.
We made friends with the bartenders and the manager. We stayed up late. Very late.

It was so nice to see the boys together again. A nice blast from the past. See them have fun together reminded me of all the good times we had. It's good to have him here, even if we are pretty cramped up in our more than cosy appartment.

It's all good.


Blogger vanou said...

man... I want to be there too...

8:57 AM  

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