Sunday, August 07, 2005

Aussie TV

So it's sunday and it's raining.
Allen somehow fried the DVD player before he left for the desert. So I can't watch DVD'S in the house, except for in my room on my computer, and I can't watch my aussie DVD's, cause they are zone 5 ones....

Ok, so I'm stuck at home for a few hours cause I'm waiting for the director of this week's shoot to pick me up to go and shoot a few pick up shots. So I'm cleaning a bit and flipping through the 4 channels of the TV.
Channel 7: Cricket.
Channel 9: Footy.
Channel 10: Cricket.
Channel SBS: Italian news in Italian.

Ok, so here's a thought. If you only have 4 channels, wouldn't you think it's a bit stupid that two of them are showing the exact same thing at the exact same time??
I know Australians love their Cricket, but come on, how exciting can a 5 DAY game get?
And it's day 3 or something. My god. I'm sorry, but players who stay clean in their way-too-white-over-preppy uniforms can't possibly be playing a real sport. Or a game that's so long the players have to break to eat and sleep can't possibly be exciting enough to occupy 50% of the total Australian TV available channels. That's my humble oppinion.

I miss hockey.


Blogger vanou said...

hahahahaha, great!
Hockey is faster... but it's not much more interesting...

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Frank said...

I beg to differ on the opinion posted here on hockey....

I miss it too.
And I have a couple of Brits trying to teach the "sport" of cricket to me...and yet, I still don`t really get it. Maybe you should post the rules of cricket on your blog ;-)

5:46 PM  

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