Monday, August 15, 2005

A babysitting job

Ah man.

What a night we've had at work!!
There was a cocktail party upstairs for a brithday party.
As soon as the birthday boy arrived to celebrate his 50th, we learned that his mother had died that morning. Man, there was such a weird vibe in the air....

And then, things got out of control. People arrived already drunk, and they were hitting the bar big time, being loud and almost throwing a fit if we didn't give them double shots each time they came around. The party never really took hold (can you blame them?) but people continued to drink and pretend to have a good time. Then, things got really ugly. People started dropping their drinks...sometimes the whole glass as well, smashing in a thousand pieces. Oh, and try to pick that up with 60 people standing around, unwilling to move their feet one inch to help you out.
Some of them started to grab us by the elbow and pulling us towards them to get more food or alcohol instead of simply asking us. And then, because we didn't respond positively to that, they started grabbing and slapping our asses. Yeah. Like THAT would get us to cooperate more!?!?! Oh my God, men can be such pigs. Our manager was on standby to kick them out if they continued doing it.

That group was completely out of control. I even caught some smoking in a corner of the room, right under a non-smoking sign and had to drag them outside. Then, it was the throwing up in the bathrooms, smashing more glasses...oh, and at the end of the nignt, of course, it was MY job to get all the shattered glass out of the urinals.
Oh goodie.
That night, I swear, we weren't waitresses, we were adult babysitters. And that is NOT what I signed up for.

I never missed a movie set so much.


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