Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Family Ties

Today, I missed my family a lot.
Maybe it's because I spoke to my mom today, which I hadn't done in weeks. She has crazy schedule these days... or maybe because Charlie had the chance to go spend a few days down south with her family, celebrating birthdays and such.
I wished I had been home today, with my aunt visiting,spend time with my parents and had the chance to meet with my brother after his work, or seen my cousin after hers, or spend some time with my sister before she headed off to France.

Maybe it's because I've been living alone for the past 2 weeks. You get used to it fast, you like to be able to do certain things, and be as messy as you want, and being able to go to bed as late as you'd like without waking others...you know, stuff like that. Living your life to your own pace and agenda. That's nice.

But then, you realize how different it is, to be living on your own, as opposed to living with 4 other people and a dog. Things are more quiet, let's say.
Wouldn't mind having Guiness to take out for a walk once in a while, you know?
Or a daddy to have supper with. Or a mommy to share good gossip with. Or a sister and a brother to go have a beer with.

When I left for Australia, I knew I'd miss them, I just didn't know how much.
And today, I was. Very much. Maybe because I am so far.
And I'm in Australia. In Adelaide. So far, that if I continued on going, I'd be starting coming back. It's a strange thought.

Oh well. This was a strange post. But that's what was on my mind just now.


Blogger pappidou said...

Strong. Family ties that is. Especially when you're away. That's when you realise it most.
Us too up here feel like you down under...we miss you. A whole lot. The knot is tied. Nothing can undo.

Just be happy. Just live the moment. Just do it.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous johanne said...

it was very moving reading this. i agree...strong ties...

12:30 PM  

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