Wednesday, September 28, 2005

14 hours and counting

I really don't get it.

Last night, I was in bed at 11pm. I was really tired, had a long day and I had gone for a run early in the morning. But the thing is, when Allen left for work at 8h30, I was almost wide awake.
Went to the bathroom.
Had a drink of water.
Went back to bed. It was raining outside.
I fell back asleep...and woke up at 1pm. 1pm!!!! woah!!! And I still felt like I could go back to sleep. What is my problem?? Ok, so I had nothing officially planned today, although I knew I really needed to get cracking on my 'thank you' notes for the wedding. But still, isn't that weird? Sleeping 14 hours and knowing you could still go on for another couple at least?
Oh well.
I almost wrote all my notes today, I ll send them tomorrow, if Allen can finally get all the adresses together....

That's all the excitement that happened today. Just a regular rainy wednesday.
Except for that very tasty double episode of Oliver's Twist with the lovely
Naked Chef.


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Blogger S said...

Oliver Twist, um! I get Jamie's kitchen(reruns as well) or the Naked Chef(really old episodes) and they are in french! his voice is shitty then... Anyway, maybe you're sleeping too much? sometimes you just gatta force yourself to get up! alright, later

12:17 AM  

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