Thursday, October 13, 2005

My own way

Allen has been gone for 4 days, and already I'm finding my way again.
The way I have of living alone.
It's funny how I realize how I do some things differently when I am 'single'.

I am messier, of course.
My bed is not perfect every day.
My things take up all the space on the bathroom counter.
But overall, not as bad as one could expect.

But that's not the only thing.
I only use the bulb lights in the house; not the ugly ugly neon in the kitchen.
I listen to Radio-Canada radio station all the time.
I eat differently, I sleep differently.

I have quite a different beat when I live alone.
It's the first time I really realize it.
It's quite a strange thing to observe.


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Blogger pappidou said...

Physically, yes, you're alone. Mentally, you're two now...never forget that!!
Besides, loneliness has its merits makes you appreciate the other better once you're reunited.
As well, it makes you realize you have things you have to improve....


11:29 PM  

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