Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank God the fires are far.

I watched the news. For the tenth time today.
What's happening in Victoria is really really horrible.

And Victoria is the province next to ours, but the fires are about as far as New York city is to Montréal. We are safe and sound.

But looking at all the charred cars, the ashed forrests and the piles of brick and metal that used to be gorgeous country homes, it really gets to me. The fires are spreading so so fast, so many people are getting trapped and being burned alive. Hundreds of them. I cannot imagine dying like that, or have loved ones dying like that. Hearts were broken, families torn, heirlooms lost.

I looked around our house today, my husband, our dogs and our car and I felt so lucky.

I sadly had no money to pledge, so I went into our bedroom and started to cull my closet. I ended up with a big garbage bag full of stuff. I will drop it off at the Red Cross on my way to work tomorrow.

I was really astounded by how Aussies have pulled together. Just today, over a million dollars have been donated every hour. People have opened their homes to shelter the victims, some businesses have donated all their profits of today's earnings to the cause, truckloads of clothes, furniture and even food for livestock have been arriving from every corner of the country. It warms my heart. Oh, and the police are closing in on the arsonists, and once their pictures are posted on the news, believe me, there will be absolutely no where for them so hide. There will be cheers to be herd throughout the land once they are reprimended.

Oh, and it's raining so much up in Queensland there are floods all over the place.
Irony. Making Victorians curse since last week.


Blogger johanne said...

oui j'ai suivi cela sur le net et j'ai vu cette video avec le koala! oui ce doit etre terrible de voir mourir sa famille dans le feu come cela! je pense a vous très fort!

10:51 PM  

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