Thursday, January 08, 2009


I have officially left Montréal and it's crazy blizzard today. It took forever for the plane to get defrosted. But I had a very very comfortable seat... (love you mom!)

I am in Vancouver. It's raining, and I have to waste another 5 hours until my 16h flight to Sydney, only to wait another 4h30 to grab my 2h30 hour flight to Adelaide.
Oh yeah. It's great.

Here are some of my options to spend the time in the Vancouver International Airport.

Option one.
Surf the net for a really really long time. Oh yes, they finally have free wifi!

Option two.
Go down to the Fairmount hotel in the airport and pay 15$ for a pass to the pool, sauna, gym and showers and go for a swim.

Option three.
Have an obcenely long dinner at the Hoko Restaurant and bar where there is a hockey game being shown on a big screen.

Option four.
Go and get a coffee at Starbucks and read the book my dad gave me for christmas.

Option five.
All of the above.

I think I might have to do option five. I have heaps of time to do all of that.
Even more so if I don't make the flight tonight. In that case, my 5 hour layover will turn into 29. Can you say yuk.

So think happy plane thoughts everybody!
In 48 hours, I should have my two feet in the white sand, in front of the clear blue ocean, with my husband and dogs. Oh, and it will be 27 degrees. And sunny.

Who hates me yet?


Blogger Fille rangée said...

Me!!! You don't have the right to talk about white sand to your "under the snow fellows" of Québec!!!

Mais bon, comme c'est très long ce voyage, tu as bien le droit de te défouler symboliquement.


See you in May. xxx

8:30 AM  

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