Sunday, December 14, 2008

Water is a no-no.

Last night, late. Very late.

I put my alarm for the morning on my new, oh so pretty white iphone. I turn the lights off. I make sure that I put down the right time for the morning, since I had my first day of class at the Quebec technician's union. I check it, it's correct. Then, I put it back in the bowl on my bed stand that also holds my pawpaw, my hand cream, ect.

4 hours later I wake up. My mom is leaving early for work.
I have a thirst.
I reach for the glass of water on my bed stand and bring it to my lips only to realize that my iphone is swimming in it!!!!!

Oh my god!

I go nuts. I take it out, and it's soaked. it's literally dripping from the microphone, the speaker and the docking socket. I try a button. It's dead. I look at it closely and I can see water underneath the touch screen! Shit. Oh SHIT! How could I have not realized I put it in the glass instead of in the bowl?!? Was I already sleeping? I start shaking it and shaking it. Water is still spitting out. I am thinking there is absolutely NO WAY I can afford a new one. I run downstairs to see if there is something on the internet that can help me. Nothing. I only find out that my warranty does not cover water damage. Of course not.

Somehow, my mother comes up to me and just says everything was going to work out.
She takes the phone out of my hand and shakes it in a different way. The water slowly starts coming out from the home button, and therefore, out of the touch screen! So I shake it like that for about half an hour until I can't see any trace of water anymore. My arm is killing me. I leave it upright all day to try and let gravity take its course after I have gently blown it out with a hairdryer.

I come back from my lecture and I take it and plug it in my laptop.
A battery sign lights up. It lights up! But it's one I have never seen before. It takes a while before my itunes opens and that it tells me my iphone is in recovery and I need to reinstall the factory settings! So I do, and after about 30 minutes, not only is my iphone working, but it's back to normal, exactly like I had set it.

Seriously, how can you not love Apple?
They rock.
They really really do.


Blogger Fille rangée said...

Il y 2 ans, mon cousin a perdu son iPod. Il l'avait perdu à Noël, quelque part sans savoir où, et il l'a retrouvé à la fonte des neiges, fin avril, dans la bouette chez ma grand-mère. Il avait hiverné tout l'hiver dans un banc de neige.

Après quelques jours de séchage en règle, la bestiole fonctionnait comme avant!!!

Effectivement, Apple rocks.

6:08 AM  

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