Monday, November 10, 2008

A trip to the beach.

Today was gorgeous. 28 degrees, sunshine, light breeze.
I couldn't wait for Allen to come back from his second to last day at uni to take the dogs out for a nice walk on the beach.

And so we went.
As soon as we get to the Esplanade, the dogs go nuts. They know where we are going.

It's a nice beach, equipped with an easy access flight of stairs and a poopy bag dispenser.

The pups just love it. They run around as if it was their last day on earth.

Today, for the first time this year, teenagers were out skimboarding. They throw a thin wood board shapped like small surfboards on the water after a wave has crashed on the beach, and when there's about two inches of water, they run and jump on the board and they slide for meters on end. It's pretty cool. August was amazed by it and ran after the kids and trying to jump on the board herself. Hilarious.

A few minutes later, Chomsky was sniffing something. We always try to keep her away from things found on the beach, only because in that area, there are puffer fish, the kind that inflate with spikes in them, and who are super poisonous. If dogs eat them, they die in less than half and hour. And there it was. The first puffer fish I had ever seen.

We picked it up in a poopy bag and threw it out with the poo on our way out. We potentially saved a dog's life.

We went home, puppies wet and sandy. The whole family happy.


Blogger vanou said...

Oh how fun!
And I see that the new camera is pretty nice. I love the frame ratio, very cool.

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