Thursday, October 09, 2008

6 minutes

I am watching TV and a beautiful VW commercial comes on. The images are soft, sunny and pretty. A song is playing. A really nice song. It sets the mood. It draws you in. I love it. By listening to it, I think the title might be 'my love'.

I google : 'my love' song VW commercial.
First link to come up is a girl looking for the title and artist of the song from the new VW Eos commercial, Australia, 2008. I click. The answer appears. The artist's name is Basia Bulat. Song is called 'Little Waltz'

I open my limewire and seach for Basia Bulat. 519 Results.

I click on 'Little Waltz'.

I am listening to the song through my itunes.

Seriously. The internet is an amazing thing. I am wondering how I ever could have found all of that out and actually have the song in my posession without it. Couldn't have done it in 6 minutes that's for sure.

And now, I am going to buy her album.
Everybody wins.

Ha, and I just tried to find the commercial on YouTube. It's there, and I just learned that Basia Bulat is canadian. That's really cool. Here it is.

I also realized it wasn't the first time I was searching for something that had to do with a VW commercial. This one, I looked for a years ago. It was harder without YouTube... I just loved the whole feel of it, the music, and the great twist at the end.

Great stuff. (Don't you think, Dad?)
Ça, c'est le genre de commerciaux sur lesquels j'aimerais travailler.


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