Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So smart.

Last week, Allen went out to get some groceries.
He left the dogs outside, like he always does.
He was gone about an hour, and the sky was threatening to start pouring down.

He came home to hear strange noises coming from inside of the house.
He opened the door to see Chomsky and August in the living room.


He looked at the back door. It was closed and locked, just as he had left it when he put them both OUTSIDE.

The dogs had broken into the house.
He realized that he left the window of our bedroom slightly open to let a bit of air in. The dogs climbed on the deck chairs outside, then on the deck table, from which they could reach the window. They pushed it opened, then ripped the fly screen off it to be able to jump into the bedroom.

Seriously, our dogs are so smart, they could solve crimes.


Blogger vanou said...

WHat a story!

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Christelle said...

wow! d├ębrouillards tes chiens! :D

11:39 PM  

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