Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Bush. BAH BYE.

Oh yes. The day has finally come. Big O is president.
It's real now. There is no turning back.

Again, his writers gave him a beautiful speech to deliver. And as he was doing it, we could sometimes catch a glimpse of George Bush sitting somewhere behind him, and the difference of the two men was unbelievably tangible. Obama is fantastic. What a speaker. And Bush, well... everything but.

We did have lots of fun laughing at all the Bushisms through the years. But I think it's better to smile because we are proud and inspired by the president of the US than to grin with disbelief because he is such an idiot.

Those two are black and white, literally.

Can't wait to see our man in action.
Whether you think it's korny to say so or not, we DID witness history today.


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