Friday, February 13, 2009

And it continues.

I walked out of the Red Cross stunned.
I went to drop that bag of clothes to help the victims of the Victorian bushfires only to be turned away. They don't need clothes anymore. They have too many. Yes, you have read right.

Aussies have really done me proud this week. Not only did they give generously especially considering the state of our economy, but they are keeping on giving. Over 60 million dollars had been raised even before a big telethon last night and a benefit footy game today. And it's not all. Nurses at the Red Cross are struggling to attend to all the people lined up to give blood. And udles and udles of semi trailers are arriving from every which way with goods for the victims.

I was told they have more than enough clothes. What they need is underwear and blankets. I guess that makes sense. Nobody would send other people there used undies...yuk. So I'll go buy a few packets and bring a few of my old throws for them. As for my bag of clothes, I dropped it off at the Salvation Army.

Here is a picture that you might have seen. Apparently, it's travelled the world, but I wanted to make sure you saw it. A fireman made his truck stop when he saw a poor little koala walking through the burnt woods. He seemed tired, aching and hopeless. The fireman jumped out of the truck with bottles of water and slowly approached the koala. In the wild, mind you, although cute and cuddly, koalas are not very friendly. But the koala drank and drank from the bottle the fireman was holding, while his fellow heroes called animal rescues. Oh. And took a picture.


Blogger johanne said...

great picture!

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Christelle said...

wow! nice pic..! makes sense that in a survival situation the koala will do anything to get water/food... sweet. one saved, but how many didn't have that luck... ? :(

12:43 PM  

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