Monday, July 07, 2008

The non-perk.

Living in Australia has its perks.
There are great beaches, no freezing in winter, lovely people and rich culture and history. There is also no 1 cent coins and all taxes are always included in prices. When something says it costs 10 dollars on the tag, you get to the register and you actually pay 10 dollars. So much easier when trying to live on a budget. Also, every friday and saturday nights, there are actual good films playing on TV. That's nice too. Oh, and you can get espresso at any coffee shop. No filter coffee here. Nowhere.
So there. Only a few reasons why I love living in Australia.

But sometimes, like today, I feel as if living here is isolating and frustrating.

Not only cause it's just so far away from my family and friends. That has soooo been established. No. I am talking about when you need something that would be easy to find in Canada and that no one in the country has it. And getting it shipped would take up to a month, with an enormous price tag.

Yeah. I am looking for an on set camera bag. I know which one I want. It's perfect and not too expensive, but NO ONE here has it. I have been on the phone all afternoon, calling everyone and everywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide. They have another similar bag, but it won't work for me. Not in the desert. And everyone is so helpful, you know, offering me to order one through the distributor and all, but it would take up to 4 to 6 weeks and would be an extra 300$. And of course, I can't call anyone in Canada or the US to see how much it would cost to get it directly from them, cause it's the middle of the night there. Living in Australia today is such a non-perk.

I am looking for a Portabrace bag. Model number PC-333. And the most frustrating part is that the Portabrace manifacture/main store is in Vermont. Vermont!! If I was in Montreal, I probably would have had time to drive down there myself, bought it and drive back in the time I spent on the phone today trying to track on down in Oz.

But of course, if I was living in Montreal, I wouldn't need this bag because I wouldn't be shooting a movie in the desert. So there.


Blogger johanne said...

ben si je pouvais je te le commanderai tout de suite ...

7:25 AM  

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