Monday, June 23, 2008

A record we didn't want to beat.

Holy moly.

Today might be the first day I haven't missed the Saab since we sold it.
Yeah. We sold our beautiful beautiful car.
It was the best ever, but if something became wrong with it, the parts and work on it in a specialised garage would have been too expensive for us to pay. And it's an older car. It was drinking petrol like it was going out of fashion.
So we had to let it go.

This guy from Sydney bought it, and paid a ridiculous amount of money to have it shipped over. That's how cool our car was.

We got a smaller car. Actually, the smallest car you can have, motor wise. A one litre. It's a Daihatsu Sirion. Cute as, navy blue. It's butt looks like a Mini Cooper's. And well, it doesn't zip up a huge hill, but it drives well, and a tank will lasts us minimum 600kms, which means that right now, one tank of gasoline lasts us almost two weeks.

So the new car is nice, but I missed the Saab...until I saw the price of petrol today.
I don't know how much it is in Canada at the moment, but here, it's just out of control. 171.9 a litre. A litre!! Oh my God. Records are being broken every day. It's nuts. I remember when Steph came to visit last year at about this time, and gas was 113.9. Ah, the good old days.

Can't wait to be able to afford a Prius.


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