Sunday, June 08, 2008

The best 40 dollars I ever spent.

Ok, so in Australia, there is no winter. No real winter, anyways. Not like the ones I used to know. But man, it can get nippy in the house when it's 6 degrees outside. There is no central heating. And a little electric heater in the corner of ONE room in the house doesn't really do anything to help.

So most nights, you get into bed and it's bloody cold. You crimp up, you are uncomfortable and it takes you longer to fall asleep.

In comes a wonderful wonderful invention. The electric blanket. A blanket lined with wires that are linked to a remote and plugged into the wall. You tie it down on your matress under your fitted sheet and off you go. I had one in Broken Hill, and I got addicted straight away. It's sooooo nice. You turn it on, go and brush your teeth, wash your face, then come back to bed and it's warm, hot and toasty. It's amazing. AMAZING, I tell you. You snuggle in and fall asleep comfortable and relaxed. It's great when the house is ice cold.

So when I came back from Broken Hill, I absolutely had to have one. The little weat bag that I used to put in the microwave to then warm the bed did not cut it anymore. I found an electric blanket on sale for 40 dollars. And Oh My God. Never slept better in our bed. It's just fantastic. I can't believe I spent my whole life without it.


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