Friday, March 28, 2008


I haven't been to the movies in months. Almost 6, to be exact. That's gotta be some kind of record for me. I thought I'd be going at the Guzzo on Tashereau all the time when I was in Canada, but I didn't. Spent my time painting ceramics with my cousins instead, which was in fact much more enjoyable. So much, that it became our favorite activity. I miss going there with them and spending hours talking while wondering if the coat I am giving my teapot is the third or fourth.

But tonight my cinema drought was put to an end. I met my friend Christine for a nice after work dinner and a movie. Now this particular flick, I wanted to see for a long, long time. And I was just thrilled that 1, it was still playing ; looked like the kind of movie you'd want to see on a big BIG screen, and 2, that Christine hadn't seen it, and was keen to give it a go.

My friends who had seen Atonement all had the same opinion of it. A great movie, a great green dress, and an unforgettable steadicam shot.

Yeah. Even my non-filmy friends told me about that shot. I was told it would make my while to go see that film only for that shot; that I would apreciate it for all it's worth, and even more so.

And they were right.

I am still thinking about it, still seeing it, still imagining how difficult it must have been to choreograph it, and wondering how many takes it might have taken them to get it just right.



Blogger vanou said...

we still don't know the name of your DOG!!!

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Christelle said...

me it's the music that fit so perfectly with the film that captured my love.. like when briony is a nurse, walking in the corridor, and the lights go on as she walks/music plays.. great! mom bought me the DVD and she's coming back with it today! :D YAY!

10:28 PM  

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