Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day.

Really, why does this holiday exist?
Does it really have a reason to be, except make restaurants, card companies and chocolate and flower shops rich?

Think about it.

Where did it originate?

We know that Jesus was born on Christmas day, even though for most people, that's not why they actually celebrate Christmas. But why did we get sucked into Valentine's Day?

It's always a bit crazy for us at the restaurant. All week, guys calling last minute to see if we still have a table left... Sorry, sir, we are fully booked, unfortunately... (A table for valentine's day? You are asking me on the 13th? Yeah right. We've been full for over a week, bozo, check your calendar...)
Sometimes, I wish I could just tell them to pack a picnic, candles, a bottle of wine and a blanket and surprise her with a romantic dinner on the beach in front of the sunset.

She might apreciate it even more than going to a fancy restaurant. With 80 other couples.

Don't get me wrong. I love the restaurant I work at. The food is simply amazing. The setting is beautiful, etc. But on Valentine's day, there are only tables for two, and because they try to fit in as much as possible, they wind up quite close to one another. Try to have a romantic conversation when you are that close to some other couple. It like at the restaurant L'Avenue. If you are not in one of those great booths, you get stuck at those small tables that literally have 30cm of room between them. Everytime I have to sit there, I am so self conscious of what I say because every one else around can oh-so-clearly hear me. Ok, so it wasn't that bad at the restaurant last night, but still.

I just think Valentine's day is a waste of money and time, and that you shouldn't have a specific day in the year to have to show how much you love the people around you. Cause seriously, it's so much better to receive flowers on any other day for no reason than to get some on Valentine's day, when the guy is almost under obligation to do so.

But hey, that's just me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but was it a romantic Valentines Day for you?

12:14 PM  
Blogger Agosto GF said...

un amigo escribió hoy en el pizarrón de la escuela:

"Este día es una mierda", seguido de un dibujo de unos genitales masculinos.

2:02 PM  

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