Saturday, December 01, 2007

A question of time.

Let's say you are at a restaurant and it's a really busy night. The place is completely full and the waiters are running their little tushies off.

The times passes, you have a wonderful meal, you drink, you have great conversations, and the end of the evening aproaches.

The restaurant starts emptying.

Then, you realize your table is the last one still sitting there.

You've finished your wine and had your coffee.
Maybe you've even paid your bill.

How long do you deem fair to stay all alone in the restaurant?
Until what time do you feel comfortable keeping the whole staff waiting for you to go so they can completely reset the restaurant and close up behind you?

1- Do you calculate how long it's been since you've been the last ones in the restaurant and go on that

2- Do you just look at your watch to decide when it's time to leave

3- Do you not care at all

If you would please answer which of the three situations would dictate your actions in this situation, it would help me lots.

Tell you why later...


Blogger pappidou said...

As a customer dining in this upper scale restaurant, staying there after the meal, after paying my bill even, is a sign that I enjoy the place, its surrounding and the staff who served me.

Consider this: as a staff member, if they stay an hour longer than I think they should, I'm paid for this time spent waiting, no?
Consider this: if they paid the bill, did they leave a good tip?

I'd go for 2. And perhaps decide, as a client of this renowned establishment, that I even have time for another glass of Porto...

Don't sweat the small stuff!

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Christelle said...

3.... :) If we're having fun... :P They'll tell us when it's time to leave... :P

10:08 AM  

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