Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Under new management.

Yes, oh yes, Australia has a new prime minister for the first time in 12 years.

Kevin Rudd and the Labour Party won by so much it was embarassing. An absolute landslide. The biggest in Australian political history, in fact.

John Howard even lost his own seat!! Which means he wouldn't even be prime minister even if his party had won. It's crazy. The whole party is crumbling down, as all the big head ministers were either beaten in their own county, or they've decided to throw in the towel and resignate. It was too humiliating, after such a long time in office, and such an election campaign to be completely washed out.

At the end, there wasn't even a fight. The media and polls were so wrong, they claimed that it would be a tight race, and that at the end of the night, chances were the PM wouldn't even be named yet. Yeah right. Rudd was PM by 9 o'clock. What a steal. Allen had friends over that night and they were all ready for a big and exciting night. Oh well. At least, the guy we all wanted to win won.

And now, things are about to change.


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