Thursday, November 08, 2007

A conclusion

I was at work on tuesday lunch watching the big race. It was Melbourne Cup, the race that litterally stops a nation, and we had a big benefit lunch at work. Big screens were put up and everyone was really dressed up. There was even fashion parades between the courses. There was lots of bidding (all proceeds going to the children's foundation) and the best dressed contest, of course.

Because, of course, fashion and horseracing go hand in hand.... (yeah right, who decided that? Was it back in the day when the rich couldn't find another way get their wives to go to the race track with them? They would woo them into getting all dressed up and parade their wealth around and see who was prettiest?)

Anyway. I never really got the whole thing. People go wild here. And not only with the dresses and hats and stuff. They have these things here called fascinators. The only thing fascinating to me is how Aussie women got convinced it was fashionable to wear them.

In my opinion, no Canadian woman would ever be caught dead wearing something as pointless and as ridiculous looking as that.

Most of them are fake flowers and feathers tied together on an elastic so you wear it on the side of your head.

Seriously. If you want something on your head, wear a hat.

And then I got to thinking.
Aussies really like wearing strange looking things on their heads.
First, fascinators. Really, enough said.

Then, there's the the outback hats.

And it seems lawyers and judges here don't know that Louis XIV's reign is over.

They are still wearing the old white roller wigs.
What's that about? I really don't get that tradition.

And the lifeguards.
The only silly looking hat that actuall has a purpose. In the sea, you are easily spotted with one of these on your head.

So there. After 3 years living here and carefully studying the Australian people, I have drawn a conclusion.

Australians like wearing weird things on their heads.


Anonymous Christelle said...

haaha!! neat post!! and sooooooooo true!! :D

11:27 AM  
Blogger Fille rangĂ©e said...

Ha! Tu es une anthropologue ma foi!

4:14 AM  

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