Sunday, October 21, 2007

My first shower

Baby shower, that is.
I have always been in the wrong country for all the baby showers I would have been to: Annie's, Charlie's, Janice's...

But I was here for Kristy's. She is due on November 3rd, but really hopes she'll pop before then. She is so over being pregnant. She wants to be a mom.

So Charlie and I combined forces and put together a hamper of baby stuff for her. Clothes and hats, things like that, but Charlie put in some things only a mother knows. I, on the other hand, stayed true to my crafty self and scanned to find something to make for her. And I am not a baby person, you guys know this. But when I saw these, I couldn't resist.

I downloaded the template, printed and blew it up to size in photocopy. Got some felt, pinned, cut and sewed. And here they are. My first handmade felt booties.

Of course, they weren't as perfect as Martha's but Kristy loved them, which was the whole point. She's a country girl and likes to cook wholesome meals and do things the old fashionned way. I thought she would like a little something homemade for her bub.

Oh, and did I mention she is having a boy?
Thomas Alan Price.

We can't wait to welcome him in our extended family.


Blogger Fille rangée said...

Mapie! Mais tu es géniale! J'espère que je vais avoir droit à des chaussons home made quand j'attendrai un bébé!

Il n'y a que toi pour penser des trucs comme ça... On sent ta Martha intérieur qui s'épanouie!


9:57 AM  
Anonymous Christelle said...

wow.. they are neat! well done for a first try!! :) :) and it's true.. giving a homemade gift is so much nicer.. shows you really put lots of tought into it and time too! and it's a one of a kind, there arent'two the same anywhere in the world.. another neat part of it! anyways.

11:12 PM  

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