Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The big one.

People say that your first house is the most stressful and important thing you will ever purchase. Boy, were they right. It's not only finding the house that is difficult, but it's all the gibberish of percentages and insurances and conveyors and brokers and interest rates and variables and stuff like that that makes everything like a big blurr with a huge price tag.

Every first home owner will tell you, they thought they just signed their life off when they put their autograph on the final contract. It's so stressful, you wonder if you are going to make it financially, but more so, you wonder if you will ever have the means to own a house AND have a life at the same time.
But of course, most of them do just fine. They find ways to pull through, and still have a hint of their previous life (aka, life before a mortgage). But right now, I understand their first reaction. I feel this is the hugest step ever and I am quite scared, to tell you the truth. It's terrifying.

We sat down with our lovely mortgage broker today for 3 hours. We made an offer on a house yesterday, and we needed to fill out about a ton a half of paperwork to get the ball rolling if our offer is accepted.

We should know by tonight if we offered enough to actually get the cute little brick maisonnette. I love it, but trying not to get attached to it. If we don't get it, there will be others. And all the paperwork will be done for our next try.

I have to say I feel very young to buy a house. No one in my age group in Canada is even thinking about aquiring property. But here, we are almost late to do so. Pretty much all the couples we know have owned their first house for at least a year. So it was time for us.

I suddenly feel like such a grown up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MERDE pour votre maison !!
bisous.. marie claude

12:31 PM  
Blogger johanne said...

moi j;ai signe ces papiers pour la premiere fois a 42 ans!!!

8:51 PM  

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