Monday, May 01, 2006

At long last

I took my first trip at the new IKEA today. I just opened a few weeks ago. Just in time for us to do lots of shopping for our new place. YĆ©!

I got a few things, mostly stuff to organise our things before we move so that we don't lose anything. So boxes, files, dividers...

So I am at it today. I am going through our paperwork and putting everything in place.

It's crazy what you can accumulate in a year and a half. We will be doing some major shedding in the next few weeks, and dropping lots of stuff either in the recycling bin or in the Salvation Army bins.

So it begins.


Blogger pappidou said...

imagine how much stuff one accumulates after 33 years!!


6:18 AM  
Blogger johanne said...

nous ca fait juste 16 ans et c'est le bordel dans cette maison...

5:46 AM  

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