Monday, April 03, 2006

I am at it again

Well, it's not my fault, really.
I don't know why I like countdowns so much.

The ultimate countdown show, 20 to 1, is back on tv.
Tonight, the 20 moments that stopped the world.
Very interesting.

So here we go. 20 to 11


On july 29th 1981, a fairytale came true. A kindergarden teacher became a princess.
It was big and lavish, and I really never got the hype about the big puffy dress.
Anyway. 600 000 people lined the streets of london to see the happy couple, and 750 milion people around the world watched the event on tv.


January 1986. A NASA shuttle disintegrated with all crew on board. Challenger burst into flames shortly after liftoff due to a floor panel coming loose in one of the fuel tanks. On board was a civilian, a high school teacher. There is actually footage of the teacher's mother watching the explosion. It's terrible.


On his 45th birthday, John F. Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe sing happy birthday to him. Even though she didn't sing that well at all, she looked stunning in an alomost see through glitter dress that sold for 1.26 milion dollars at an 1999 auction.
The moment went down in time as the best 45th birthday ever recorded. Ever. It was may 19th, 1962.


It stunned everybody what happened during this wordly gathering. Palestinian terrorists raided the Israeli quarters and killed two athletes and took 9 others hostage. After a day of negociations (the terrorists wanted 200 of their own realeased from Israel prison) they took the althletes to the munich airport to fleed back to the middle-east and had a run-in with german sharpshooters. As a result, the terrorists and the 9 hostages died.


Febuary 16th 1983, fire consumed a third of Australia. The states of Victoria and South Australia had never seen such damage caused by agressive bush fires. The sky was clogged and orange for weeks. On that day, 75 people died, and more than 2000 homes were destroyed. Bush fire awareness has since then been quadrupled in those vulnerable states.


July 13th 1985 has gone down in music history. That was the day douzens of major singers and musicians got together to try and stop world hunger. Their main target was africa, and big guns like Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner and Phil Collins tried to convince the world to help those in need. There were 7 huge shows in 7 cities on this day, and at the end, grossed more than 100 milion pounds for their cause. Bravo.


The biggest aircraft ever to fly, the helium-filled zepplin bursted into flames on it's arrival in New Jersey on May 16th 1937. A spark lit the huge baloon while attempting to attach to the large landing tower and in 37 seconds, the titanic of the skies was totally destroyed. The zepplin had traveled all the way from Frankfurt Germany with society's cream of the crop. Out of the 70 aristocrats who boarded, suprisingly, 32 survived this spectacular disaster. I wonder how they did it, really. The live footage of the crash is incredible, if you get to see it.

13- THE 2004 TSUNAMI.

Boxing day.
Mother nature unleashed her deadly force.
275 000 and counting.
Enough said. It is indiscribable.


On a lighter note, the week-end that really makes the phrase 'if you remember it, you weren't there' completely true. The best most talked about rock concert of all time. Every rock fan wish they were there from august 15th to 17th 1969. The organisers of Woodstock expected 50 000 people to come, but half a milion showed up. To share the love, live the music and dance in the rain.


On june 8th 1972, a south vietnamese aircraft accidentally dropped his napalm payload on the village of Trang Bang, kiling and burning many civilians. This picture was taken as children ran out of their burning homes toward to get help. The 9 year old girl at the center of the picture, Kim Phuc, is forever engraved in the memory of anyone who looks at the picture. She is running, arms wide open. She is naked, for her clothes have been burned off her back. The pain and terror on her face is chilling. It really does encapsulate the horror of war. The power of a single picture.

Top ten to come.

What do you think will be part of it?
Ok, except 9-11. That one is too obvious.
Come on, tell us.
It will only take a minute to leave a comment.


Blogger pappidou said...

This is great!!
It brings a lot of memory to « older » folks like me. But it also is a great opportunity for the « younger » ones to learn a few things about some historic facts. A lot of these happened when young ones were not born yet.
Ok. Ok. I was not born to witness the Hindenburg disaster, but what the hell!! who's counting!!
Can't wait to see the first 10!

Good job.

1:53 AM  
Blogger vanou said...

The day JFK was shot
The day we put a man on the moon
The Titanic


2:25 AM  
Blogger Francis au Japon said...

The moon
Square Tiananmean
9-11 hehe
The day the pope died


7:54 AM  
Blogger vanou said...

Love that new picture of yours...

11:03 PM  
Blogger johanne said...

the earth seen from the shuttle...
the prisoners of death camps near the fence...

12:44 PM  

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