Monday, April 24, 2006

The troubles of standing still

I am sorry. I know I haven't been posting lots these days.
That because nothing is happening.
Absolutely nothing.
My days pretty much consists of getting up, going to work, going to bed.

There is nothing more boring or frustrating than feeling like you are standing still.
Like you are doing nothing with your life, except robotically doing a job that you dislike just so you can pay the bills.

There will be things happening down the road. Like moving house. And maybe heading off to the Cannes film festival. But all of that will be happening, or maybe happening, in a month. And until then, My routine consists of those three same things.

The lovely diversion I had (taking pictures and posting them) has been taken away by my misplacing my darling camera.

So what do I do?
I wait.

For time to pass.

How awful.

I gotta go. Guess where I am going.


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