Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday, or monday...

Here, it is monday morning. It is gray and cool outside, and rain comes down from time to time.

I am thinking of my family who just finished their Easter sunday meal. I spoke to them on the phone when I got up this morning. Everybody that could be there was there. Cause Easter for us, is not really about religion or chocolate. It is more an excuse to get together and have a nice meal.
We love family functions. And when someone is missing, that person is sorely missed.

So I was pretty sad today to think I missed everything. Michel and his pork roast. Lorraine and her grattin potatoes and famous carrot cake. And Francine and her sirup pies.
My cousin Annie with her belly growing. Marie-Claude I haven't seen in ages.
And Claude-Philippe who is now a Montrealer.

Man, I miss them.
It was nice to hear how I was also missed.

Happy Easter everybody.
Enjoy the long week-end.
x x


Blogger Rumour said...

Fake aussies kinda taste a little like chicken.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Francis au Japon said...

Sounds to were a little there

5:22 PM  
Blogger pappidou said...

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7:41 PM  
Blogger pappidou said...

tu nous manques pas uniquement à Pâques.
francis au japon is right. In fact you were with us a lot.


7:44 PM  

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