Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What a little apple can do

I did it. I finally had time to do something for myself.
Today is Anzac Day. Public holiday when we remember the first time the Aussie troups faught as a united, seperated country in the big battle of Galipoli in Turkey.
Did you ever see the movie with the back then very young and very aussie Mel Gibson?
I am off work today.
It is cloudy and cool outside, and Allen is gone to get his hands dirty on motorcycle oil, and I decided to have a nice quiet one at home to catch up on fascinating things like laundry and cleaning. But while I was doing all that, I got a huge craving for my mother's apple sauce. So I decided to have another crack at it. I would try to make apple sauce.

Went down to the market and grabbed a big bag of apples on sale. Came back and pealed, chopped, spiced and cooked.
Every other time, I was bitterly disappointed in my attempts.
Not this time. Oh my god.

It is the absolute best apple sauce I have ever made.
It is fantastic.

I feel better.


Blogger pappidou said...

not only does an apple keep the doctor away...my god, it brings happiness to one's daughter!!
oh! sweet, sweet apples...
too bad we're not there to taste this feast.


3:52 AM  

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