Sunday, December 25, 2005

Oh Canada

So I've been back in Canada for 5 days and I haven't posted a thing yet.

Explanation: My dad has recently changed internet server and now, i cannot access it through my laptop; I have to use my his computer. So I can't put up any pictures, and obviously, I spend less time on my dad's pc than I do my mac.

So I will try to remedy the problem, although I am quite certain nobody from Australia actually goes to see my blog. And my family in Canada doesn't need news from me right now, cause I'm here with them.

Since I have arrived, I must say, I have been feeling very very good.
I saw Vanou, which is like going up for air for me in a way. We've been doing what we usually do, and I have also gone around downtown, which is nice.
And now, December looks like December. The holiday spirit has suddenly hit me with all the snow around. I cannot wait to go and celebrate christmas with my family tonight.
How fun this will be!!!
I have been waiting for this for two years.
Too bad my sister and my hubby aren't here, that really would be the icing on the cake.

To all a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous Murali said...

Belle Fille!

How are you!??!? hehe Nick told me about your Blog!

You will not beleive what happened at a test screening to a group of studio execs that flew down from LA!!! One of the execs ran out of the theatre at the end of the film and vomited! She couldnt's top crying!!! Amazing, or amazing?!?1

How long you in Canada for?

2:07 AM  

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