Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Aussie Countdown - 10 to 6

Alors. La suite.


Alrignt. In 1976, Australia was the first to have a single day cricket game. Oh my God. Can you imagine that before that, every game was a TEST, which means every game lasted 5 whole days each time. I am so grateful that they decided to have what they call World Series, which is still too long for my taste, but at least is only one day - not the whold week. People went crazy in 76 because all of a sudden, the games became oh so exciting cause the players actually only had ONE day to win or lose the game...yeah. Well, I'll say that if they were really looking to spice things up, maybe it would have been a good idea to actually have a game that's a reasonnable length, like 2 hours. But that's just me.


How could our bush kangaroo friend not be in the top 20? In the 60's, it was the tv series that was the most broadcasted in the world. It hit 80 countries by storm, and became an absolute classic. Everybody knows the song. Even if it was airing before they were born. Who wouldn't want a kangaroo that seems to understand every single word you are saying? So much better than Lassie.


Ok, now this one is often mistaken for an American Creation. An Aussie animator, Patch Sullivan, created the black and white character long before he moved to the states. Felix is still a favourite decades later.


Here, they call it a Ute. Short for Utility Truck. Aussies blame the invention of the pick up truck by Holden in the 1930's to be responsible for a massive amount of lost dogs in the country. Too many guys let their dogs hop in the back of the truck to ride along, and then, they would jump out and run away. But anyway, the ute became an instant success and Holden sold the idea to General Motors and Ford.


'Hello Possums!' If you have seen her before, you must surely remember her. She is actually a man, dressed up as a woman with cat glasses and a purple wig. The comedic character of Dame Edna has been around for decades and is known and recognized all over the world. She is quite funny really. She is a real Australian icon.

Australian Inventions, Discoveries and Icons , the top 5, coming soon.


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