Sunday, November 27, 2005

Aussie Countdown 14-10

And here we go again. Australia's top 20 inventions, discoveries and icons numbers 14 to 10.


Now this one I am really proud about. Up to 1906, all narravive films were small clips, lasting under 30 minutes. The first long length feature narrative film was made right here, and was called NED KELLY. Story based on the legendary robber/bushranger/hero.


This one surprised me. Tom Wills, in 1859, was the first guy to ever write down and codefy official rules of a sporting game. From then on, players had to play according the the specific regulations and were penalised if they weren't. The game became more fair, and created challenges for the teams to win within those rules. It was for the Australian Football League. The strange game somewhere between rugby, soccer and US football.


Or what we like to call back home: Lifeguards. In the 1900's, a group of young athletic men decided to group up and wear yellow speedos and little cap hats to help people in danger or injured at sea. They developed rescue techniques, and a system of retreiving wire that is still used today. The rescue wire is attached to the lifeguard as he runs into the waves, and rolls off a very large stand on the beach. Therefore, when the lifeguard takes a hold of the victim, the other lifeguards can wind up the wire stand and help the lifeguard at sea to come back to the shore.
Those SLSC started a trend all over the world for safe swimming and Lifeguard watching. They have their little uniforms still, the large high chairs on the beach and determine a safe area of swimming at the beach with large bands in the water. They save thousands of lives every year.


Ok, so call me an idiot, I thought Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie discovered Penicilin. Well, they discovered the mold-Penecillium notatum. A guy named Alex Flemming, in 1928, observed that that colonies of Staphylococcus aurus could be destroyed by that mold, proving that there was indeed a antibacterial agent in there. Later on, it was confirmed that the penicillin mold could kill certain types of disease-causing bacteria in the body. But it wasn't until Howard Florey and Ernst Chain isolated the active ingredient and devellopped it into a powdery form that Penicillin could be used for medicinal purposes.


Now I missed the dates these were actually invented, but both of them were by Aussies. That kinds surprised me as well. What great inventions. Saved so many lives.

That's it for today folks, hope you learned a little something.
Top 9 to 5 coming soon.


Blogger vanou said...

Come on MP...
Pasteur: Pasteurisation, Milk...
Curie: worked with radioactive elements like radium and polonium, she died of cancer because of it.
She was even the first women to be named to the Sorbonne... (wikipedia)
But it's ok... I forgive you...

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