Thursday, November 24, 2005

Here, it's spring.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

It's so weird. I will probably never get used to having to Christmas shop when it's over 35 degrees outside. It's just not right.

Anyway. It was a beautiful day today, I was off work, and I had a few things to do downtown, so I went on foot.

Everything is blooming around here. Everything. Every lawn, every tree, every small stupid patch of weed on the corner of the street. Everywhere you look, flowers, and more flowers. These I took in less than 3 minutes of leaving my doorstep.

Sorry for those who are starting to freeze their asses off...I'm wearing thongs and a t-shirt, it's sunny, 27 degrees and beautiful. And somehow I don't feel bad rubbing it in just a little bit. Cause soon enough, it will be TOO hot for me to handle. Especially around Christmas time. So I'm enjoying it while it's still enjoyable.


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