Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Aussie Countdown - bottom 5

So last night I was watching TV. There was this show on called 20 to 1. They have a different subject every week, but this time, it was The Top 20 Australian Icons, Discoveries and Inventions. Let me tell you something, I was in for quite a few surprises. And a few laughs as well. Check this out, I took notes.

20. THE SPEEDO. Oh yeah. You read correctly. The hidious, tight, short (too short)
almost g-string like bathing suit for men was invented by Aussies in 1928. Oh God. I have no idea why they did it. (The company that makes the swimsuits is also Australian.)

19. THE TWO STROKE LAWN MOWER. Another invention. Before Mr. Victor had the brilliant idea of putting an actual motor in the lawn mower, your only options were those really big sisors, you know, or the round thing that had blades and that you pushed around and that would only work on only really short grass.... So Thank you Mr. Victor!!

18. THE FASCINATION WITH BIG STUFF This one is more an icon. Some guy in 1964 had the idea of making a massive sculpture of a Banana and paint it yellow. And so The Big Banana was born. It is massive- you can see it from miles away. Since then, Aussies have been fascinated by big things. There is now Big Things all over Australia. Animals, fruits, you name it. They are just huge, and have no other purpose. (See the picture? It's me with the Giant Koala, on the road to go to Melbourne last year.)

17. THE AUSTRALIAN 2 WING KEIL Ok, I don't know if I spelled that right. Australia 2 is a sailing boat that won an international sailing competition held in the USA because of a different kind of keil under the boat. Anyway. It was a big deal cause no one had beatten the Americans for the longest time, and the Aussies won because of it. Now, every boat has a keil just like it.

16. THE UGG BOOTS Oh yes, the sheep skin made boots. A surfer created them in 1971. They are funny looking, but oh so comfortable. A classic, really.

15. THE DUAL FLUSH TOILET Now, this, really, everybody should have one. The toilets here have two flush modes. Half, and full. This just makes good sense. Who needs a full flush for a little twinkle? This dual flush toilet uses 67% less water than regular toilets. Brilliant. The concept has been adopted by many countries.

So that's the 5 for today. This post would be WAY too long if I wrote about all 20 at once. What do you think will be on the rest of the list??


Blogger pappidou said...

Absolutely interested in learning more about the place under where you now spend your days with your man...

7:44 AM  
Anonymous M-A said...

dual toilet flush. Greenpeace's favorite.

2:36 AM  

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