Friday, November 04, 2005

Staying put

So Allen and I are not moving. Not yet. Maybe not this year.
We are going to stay in our shoe box.

We were quickly reminded, while looking at other properties, the three golden rules of real estate.


Every other place we could afford was so far from the city compared to our appartment.
And in North Adelaide, everything is walking distance. And the area is wonderful.
But we can't afford anything around here yet, it's like the 'Westmount' or 'Outremont' of Adelaide. So it looks like we are staying here longer. We have a storage problem though. I am at a loss for ideas of how to rearrange the place, or simply where I could save some space to store more stuff.

Any clever ideas?
What's your greatest trick?


Blogger pappidou said...

Good decision, you made. Your «shoe box», as you say, is quaint, and a nice lovebirds' nest in a very nice area you both enjoy.
You know, sometimes you have to be careful about what you're wishing for...

Ideas, eh??
How about offering someone you know well and have full confidence in, and who you think is confronted with the same problem, to share a storage space nearest your place as possible, or in-between the 2 apartments.
I know, it's more money, but certainly less than a new apartment...
AND how about a shelving system in your bedroom behind the door or near your desk...à la IKEA...
I know you can't use nails in the walls, so shelves may be an option.

Luv XX

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

répondez-moi quelqu'un! elles sont où les photos de mariage!!!??? je serais intéressé à les consulter :)
merci en avance au futur bon samaritain

6:39 AM  

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