Wednesday, October 19, 2005

No cables

I am sitting in the KOJO production offices in Adelaide.
Their production house has been recently inceasingly involved in the production of 2:37.
We are all here, in an office overwhelmed with papers, apple computers and all the cases of our camera equipment.
It is a mess, but a good kind of mess.
The rest of the office building is really nice.
It reminds me of La Fabrique d Images in Montreal.

I m just enjoying my first experience with wireless internet.

Thought I d share it with you.

Tomorrow it s back to work for us, and we will finally completely wrap the shooting of this film in a few days.
We can already see bits of the film shaping up, and I am already proud of it.

I will miss being involved in a project I love so much, and that challenges me so.


Blogger johanne said...

well, that is better...

love of work will save you after all...

i hope you will be able to come home for christmas...i am not sure about vanou ...


7:54 PM  

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