Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I know, I know...

I have been away for a long time. Well, longer than usual.
That's because Allen was here and we had a very very big week.
Check this out.
He got here late on monday night, and his birthday was on tuesday. So of course, the celebrations had to start early. Allen takes his special day very seriously.

So we had a great day on the 15th. He was happy.
We had a nice dinner and had some friends over for a few drinks. Quiet, not too late.
It was nice.

But the best was yet to come.
On the wednesday, something really important was happening in the world of Aussie sport. No, not cricket. Not even Australian football. This time, soccer.
The world cup final qualifier, to be exact. Now, the big deal about it is that the Australians have not been part of the World Cup Soccer for over 30 years. 32, I think, ot be exact. So we had a big BBQ, Al had a friend over (the only one lucky enough not to be working) and the boys drank and we all watched a very exciting game. Australia won after a double overtime and penalty shots. The boys were off their heads, jumping around the living room, taking their shirts of and swivelling them in the air, screaming on the balcony. The thing is, they weren't alone. All our neighbors were doing the same, cars were honking in the street, and apparently, downtown became an instant circus. So yet again, I was here to witness another page in Australian Sport History. I have to admit it was quite exciting.
But after all the celebrations, my boy was pretty tired.

It took me forever to get him in to bed.

And so we had a few more days of fun, I only had a few shifts at work last week, so we could enjoy each other's company for once.
And on Saturday, it was the official birthday party. Pretty much all Allen's friends were there, we were over 20 people, and we went gokarting. Man, it was SO MUCH FUN!

I actually won a race in my division! Ha! But Allen won the big prize and even got a little trophy. We all secretely think that he won partly because he is the lightest of us all and that his car had less weight to carry around...but he is quite an impressive driver nontheless. We all went for a few drinks after.

On sunday, he had his entry exam for university. He'll get the results at the beginning of next year. That will be a big deal. After that, we went to dinner with his mom and sister. (and i finally got my bag!!!)

And then, it was monday 5am and he was gone. Just like that. For another 15 days. I had the feeling he just got back. Time flies when you are having fun.


Anonymous JANICE said...

J'aimerai tellement que tu sois là par moment afin de pouvoir te faire partager la belle aventurte que je vis avec MAVIK et SACHA...
J'ai désormais internet a la maison et une webcam...j'aimerai beaucoup vous présenter mon petit ange..aussi...nous serons en AUSTRALLIE probablement en janvier 2007...mais chuuuuttttt c'est une surprise pour Sacha!


ta chum qui pense a toi...janice!

2:03 PM  

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