Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Aussie Countdown - TOP 5

Ok, here we are. Top 5. I'm sure you are very excited.


In 1954, Dr. Warren from Melbourne University put together what he called an ARL. A flight memory unit that would record the instrument readings and the pilot's voices during a plane flight. This indistuctible box has come in handy in discovering the causes of crashes. And then helped ailines worldwide not to repeat the same deadly mistakes. Yep. Looove Dr. Warren.


We've had one in the back yard since I was a kid. You know, those big square clothe lines? That turn? Yep, Aussie. 1948. The new design took the post-war world by storm.
Every kid in the 50's has hung on it and spun around, to the dread of their mothers.


Now this one completely astounds me. I cannot believe people here actually like this stuff. Come on. Black salty yeast spread? Man, lots of kids must have been force fed this crap for them to be still eating it today, cause it's absolutely disgusting. Nobody in their right mind would just taste it as an adult and like it. My theory is, if you haven't been brought up on it, you can't possibly like it later. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Anyway. Some guy probably accidentally invented it in 1922.


And by barbie, I mean barbecue. Now this is not an invention, it's more of an icon. No Aussie party or gathering is not complete without a bbq. On the beach, in the bush, in the backyard, you name it. All the time, all the time. Bbq, bbq, bbq. I actually have one on the tiny balcony of my shoe box appartment. That's how important a bbq is in a household of an Aussie.

1 - Drumroll...... can you guess what it is? THE FLIP FLOP

And yes, here, they call them thongs. The most convinient pair of sandals you can find. They slip on really easy, they can go in the water, they are very comfy. You can find them everywhere, in evey supermarket and every drugstore. You can actually find some for less than one dollar. You can also find a lost single thong on every beach in Australia.

So here you go. The top 20 Aussie icons, discoveries and inventions. Hope you enjoyed it or that you learned a little something. Did any of them surprise you?


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